Wednesday, March 10, 2010

French Silk Grosgrain

My mom found this French silk grosgrain ribbon (on the left) at Promenade fabrics in New Orleans.  Beautiful color!  It would look great as a sash for the flower girls I think.  Can't wait to see it (she has shipped it to me).  I only hope it isn't prohibitively expensive. So pretty!  Didn't think grosgrain came in silk!  Happy discovery!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Vera Wang - lavender grosgrain sash

The Vera Wang 2009 Fall bridal collection included several dresses with a thick lavender grosgrain sash. None of these dresses were right for me (or my budget), but I did fall in love with the color of the grosgrain sash. (I briefly though the dress of my dreams was a Vera Wang dress by the way).  Our wedding colors are lavender and navy and I love sashes and bows - so it is no surprise I fell in love.  See it on the dress below. 

Vera Wang dress, photo from Maurice Ramirez Photography
So now comes the question - how do I find this color grosgrain ribbon online?  I want to use it in the reception decor (around baskets, candles, etc).  It has proven difficult to find the right color - sort of a grey/blue based lavender instead of a red based lavender.  Worse comes to worse, I am going to Britex this Saturday so I can check out their massive ribbon selection (although they aren't the cheapest option).  

Any favorite online ribbon resources?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

rehearsal dinner dress... again

A few weeks ago, I found the rehearsal dinner dress of my dreams - Lela Rose for Dessy, style 102. Well, as it would turn out - you have to leave at least 5 - 8 weeks for delivery (with expedited shipping).  By the time I got to try it on - that ship had sailed.  So it was on to plan B.  I still want to wear a white dress, but finding a white dress in February is proving to be difficult.

My sister (and maid of honor) found me this dress at Nordstrom.  The smallest size is a 6 (which means it will need to be altered), but it was cute and the reviews were good.  I am crossing my fingers!  Hopefully I like the fabric and the shape when I see it in person. 

Donna Morgan from Nordstrom

I am not sure it will go with the petal pink shoes I planned to wear... might have to rethink that as well.  What do you think?

my amazing rehearsal dinner shoes 

Friday, March 5, 2010

bridesmaid's gifts + flowers!

A while back I stumbled upon a website called This very adorable woman makes (and models) cloth flowers and sells them via her website/blog.  When I discovered the cream dahlia clutch, I was in love.  I thought it would make the perfect bridesmaid gift for the right wedding.  I had already purchased a gift for my girls, and I wasn't sure I was really into the 6 of them having matching purses - but it was too gorgeous to totally leave behind.  Solution?  I just bought one for myself. 

the cream dahlia clutch from

And while we are on the subject of emersonmade - I saw the photo below and was instantly inspired.  I have since ordered a navy blue blazer from J. Crew.  I can't wait to wear it through spring and on my honeymoon in New Zealand!

photo from
I also bought the small red poppy broach to wear with my new navy jacket.  I couldn't resist.

the 5" poppy pin from

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DIY Mercury Glass

For our centerpieces, I have borrowed 22 sterling silver mint julep cups from my dear Aunt Donna.  However, my florist suggested that we need about 8 - 10 more small vases.  She was thinking glass, but I was thinking that mercury glass might be really pretty.  When I suggested this to the florist she informed me that mercury glass could be quite expensive.  A lightbulb then went off - I remember Martha Stewart had a DIY tutorial in the January 2010 issue of Living.
Martha Stewart Living - January 2010
I think it looks pretty fantastic and it is super easy!  There are many other blogs that appear to have tried it with varying levels of success.  I could get cheap glass vases at Michael's or Target and then the only thing missing is the can of mirror spray paint.

The mint julep cups kind of look like this:

What do you think, does (DIY) mercury glass go with sterling silver or is plain glass better?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

counting down the days...

To be capable of steady friendship or lasting love, are the two greatest proofs, not only of goodness of heart, but of strength of mind.   -- William Hazlitt

Sunday, February 28, 2010

the chain gang

Which one do you like better in sterling silver?  

{the baby ball chain from Mignon Faget}

{the figaro chain from Mignon Faget}

To be worn with the wedding cake pulls/pendants once pulled from the cake...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

adorable floral dress

{Silk Floral dress from BCBG}

Such a cute dress - is it too daytime for a going away dress?  I am obsessed.  It would also be adorable at a bridal shower.  

Still no progress on the white dress for the rehearsal dinner... 

Monday, February 22, 2010

bridal jewelry

I have been avoiding thinking about what jewelry to wear on my wedding day - mostly because I am not a huge jewelry person (well except for the engagement ring)!  I tend to wear the same jewelry for years on end - pearl stud earrings, my Tiffany "a" necklace, and my watch.  That about describes my look for the past 10 years.

So yesterday I was looking for a rehearsal dinner dress.  Again.  I can't seem to find a white dress that is affordable and available. Sigh.  Anyway, I stumbled across some seriously beautiful jewelry that seemed so feminine and bridal.

{Crystal Lattice Necklace from J. Crew $325}
This necklace had me at grosgrain

{Starlight Earrings from Banana Republic $25}
Love the vintage feel. 

I don't know if I will wear (fake) diamonds or pearls yet, but this jewelry certainly is beautiful.  Any ideas or favorites?  Honestly, my ideal would be to borrow some fabulous jewelry from friends or family.  Maybe I could wear my mom's (via my grandmother) dragon brooch somewhere...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

hostess gifts

Lindsey, a fellow bride and southerner, recently asked me what I thought about hostess gifts for people throwing showers.   I was so happy to get this email, because I had honestly forgotten all about that very important gesture!  With all the wedding parties coming up - I set about thinking about what would make a good gift in a few different price ranges.  I tend to like hostess gifts that are either something for the home or something delicious.

$50 or more (+shipping) 
Whitney Smith - Lidded Vessel $44
(you can get a matching creamer and the set is $80)

Pretty Soap on a Dish
Soap dish from Rae Dunn ($32)
I know that some people might not like this, but I think it is really cool.  You could get a beautiful soap somewhere and wrap the two in pretty fabric or a hand towel or tissue. 

$25 or under
Tea Towel + Champagne
Mr. Darcy's proposal tea towel ($11) at the Etsy shop Brookish
My plan is to wrap it around a bottle of champagne! Seems very romantic and who doesn't love champagne.You could also wrap the towel around one of the cute Brookish Mugs and fill the mug with something interesting (candies, chocolates, etc.). 

Homemade Treats
homemade vanilla sugar (I made some today)
You just split a vanilla bean and put it in a couple of cups of sugar for about a week.  Then you have amazingly fragrant vanilla sugar.  You could put it in a cute canning jar covered with fabric and then tie a recipe for shortbread on with twine.  I might try this for Christmas gifts.

That's all I can think of right now!  Hope that helps.
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