Wednesday, January 13, 2010

DIY favors

For our upcoming wedding, my fiance and I think that a homemade favor would be really special. We have decided to make candied pecans and give them to our guests. This recipe is really special because both my mom and my grandmother make (made) the nuts at Christmas each year. It doesn't hurt that everyone loves them too. :)

So the next question is - what do we put the pecans in? Since the feel of the wedding is very romantic and southern garden I wanted to do something equally pretty. I thought of kraft paper and pretty ribbon. There is something sweet about the simple brown paper and satin ribbon - like a pretty school lunch.

I then set out to the blog world for inspiration... the creativity you can find on blogs are amazing. I am so happy I live in the age of blogs.

Different kraft paper bags on display at iDIY

Love the twine and stamped label at Style Me Pretty

Thought about cellophane and kraft paper from Once Wed

So I thought about what we would do. Here were some key questions I am asking myself:
  • Did we want a cellophane bag inside a brown bag?
  • Did we want just a bag?
  • Did we want a brown bag at all?
  • How would the ribbon work?
  • What was the right size?
  • Could you do ribbon and string?
So here is my current idea. Small kraft paper coffee bags with satin ribbon (some blue, lavender, white) tucked under the folded part and tied in a bow, with a small label attached with twine which has our name (or monogram) on it.

Here is some satin ribbon (7/8") from Raffit Ribbons

Here is the twine from Raffit Ribbons

Here are some small coffee/candy tin tie bags (the one on the left)
What do you think of this idea?

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