Sunday, February 21, 2010

hostess gifts

Lindsey, a fellow bride and southerner, recently asked me what I thought about hostess gifts for people throwing showers.   I was so happy to get this email, because I had honestly forgotten all about that very important gesture!  With all the wedding parties coming up - I set about thinking about what would make a good gift in a few different price ranges.  I tend to like hostess gifts that are either something for the home or something delicious.

$50 or more (+shipping) 
Whitney Smith - Lidded Vessel $44
(you can get a matching creamer and the set is $80)

Pretty Soap on a Dish
Soap dish from Rae Dunn ($32)
I know that some people might not like this, but I think it is really cool.  You could get a beautiful soap somewhere and wrap the two in pretty fabric or a hand towel or tissue. 

$25 or under
Tea Towel + Champagne
Mr. Darcy's proposal tea towel ($11) at the Etsy shop Brookish
My plan is to wrap it around a bottle of champagne! Seems very romantic and who doesn't love champagne.You could also wrap the towel around one of the cute Brookish Mugs and fill the mug with something interesting (candies, chocolates, etc.). 

Homemade Treats
homemade vanilla sugar (I made some today)
You just split a vanilla bean and put it in a couple of cups of sugar for about a week.  Then you have amazingly fragrant vanilla sugar.  You could put it in a cute canning jar covered with fabric and then tie a recipe for shortbread on with twine.  I might try this for Christmas gifts.

That's all I can think of right now!  Hope that helps.

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