Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DIY Mercury Glass

For our centerpieces, I have borrowed 22 sterling silver mint julep cups from my dear Aunt Donna.  However, my florist suggested that we need about 8 - 10 more small vases.  She was thinking glass, but I was thinking that mercury glass might be really pretty.  When I suggested this to the florist she informed me that mercury glass could be quite expensive.  A lightbulb then went off - I remember Martha Stewart had a DIY tutorial in the January 2010 issue of Living.
Martha Stewart Living - January 2010
I think it looks pretty fantastic and it is super easy!  There are many other blogs that appear to have tried it with varying levels of success.  I could get cheap glass vases at Michael's or Target and then the only thing missing is the can of mirror spray paint.

The mint julep cups kind of look like this:

What do you think, does (DIY) mercury glass go with sterling silver or is plain glass better?

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